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This guy's got it all....


"You name it and he can do it, and well. I've worked with and seen a lot of talented people in my life, and I can see that this guy is the real deal. Not only doeshe have the chops to do it , he actually has the nerve to do. I think he gets a kick out of it, defying the odd, watching the doubters in disbelief."

Ken " Fletch" Walcott

Singer, Song-writter, Entertainer

Watch me !!!

Bringing the LOVE Back


This isn't a Job to me...


  I do this because I want to. I dont have to. I could get serious about other things and make a living, but I couldn't because I love what I do. You here people say, "Living the dream" all the time, well I AM. there's nothing more I want out of life but to see people out in the audience enjoying themselves. THAT"S what i do it for. I help them and they help me. We're in this together.


Life, Love, Music...